Schmitt Grinding Wheel Balancers

SCHMITT Grinding Wheel Balancers

Automatic grinding wheel balancing head by SBS

As a world leader in the manufacture of automatic grinding wheel balancers SBS offer dynamic balancing systems and acoustic emission monitoring instruments to fit any grinding machine. They are designed to automatically improve the balance condition of installed grinding wheels and monitor the grinding process. This minimises setup time, greatly improves product quality, which in turn improves productivity. The systems are simple to install and very easy to operate.

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Machinery Vibration Specialists Aust P/L is the Australian Distributor for Schmitt Balancing Systems. SBS balancers are highly accurate vibration detection and correction systems for grinding applications of all types. SBS balancing systems instantly detect and quickly correct the vibration, due to wheel and spindle unbalance, as small as 0.02 microns. SBS offers several different control panel solutions, manual or automatic balance modes and a variety of balancer configurations including external balancers, internal balancers, non-contact balancers and hydrokompenser balancers.

SBS acoustic emission monitoring systems reduce air grinding time and prevent grinding wheel crashes by monitoring and analyzing the high frequency signals of the grinding process. The grinding and wheel dressing process can now be monitored to significantly improve efficiency and to help avoid a crash, damage or injury. SBS also offers a variety of AE sensors to meet any need.

SCHMITT Grinding Wheel Balancers

External Balancers System Principles

Unbalance is defined as an unequal distribution of mass about the centre line of the rotor. On a grinding wheel this unequal mass can be made up in several ways such as variations in the density of the wheel, a stack up of tolerances in fitting the wheel to the spindle, poor wheel dressing and unequal wheel ware. All these inaccuracies, although individually small, vectorally add up to give one “heavy spot” position. Adding counterweights at 180⁰, on the “light spot”, will correct the unbalance. This has the effect of having the centre of rotation exactly the same as the centre line of the rotor. Values of down to 0.02 microns can easily be achieved.

The system operates on the principle of mass compensation for wheel imbalance. The balance head contains two movable eccentric weights, each weight is driven by electric motors through a precision gear train. These weights can be repositioned to offset any imbalance in a grinding wheel.


  • Greatly reduces setup time.
  • Improves part quality.
  • Automatic Balancing to 0.02 µm.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Increased life of grinding wheels, dressing wheels and spindle bearings.
  • Four-channel for other machines.
  • Profibus, Ethernet & USB Interface.
SCHMITT Grinding Wheel Balancers

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