SPM Instrument AB—Sweden [Vibration Systems]

SPM Instrument is a global leader in condition monitoring technology. They have supplied the world’s industries with high-performance condition monitoring solutions for fifty years, and are passionate about what they do.

Their entire focus is on developing world-class products for world-class reliability and maintenance – that sets them apart from other suppliers.

SPM Instrument AB holds multiple worldwide patents for HD condition monitoring technology and other inventions. The global patents cover the algorithms in the HD technologies, which provide easily interpreted measurement results with unmatched clarity and distinctness.

Continuous improvement of the organization’s overall performance is a permanent objective at SPM. They are proud to deliver products and services according to the international ISO standard of quality to their customers, while at the same time taking care of the world around them.

CEMB SpA—Italy [Vibration Instruments]

Since 1946, the headquarters has always remained in Italy, in Mandello del Lario, on the eastern shore of Lake Como.

Over the years, the production units and design offices have been expanded and modernized, in line with the company’s growth and with constant investments to keep the heart and style in Italy.

The Instrumentation division and produces vibration sensors and fixed and portable equipment for vibration measurement and analysis, balancing in service conditions, vibration monitoring and control for the protection of large machinery in the energy and plant engineering sectors such as turbines, pumps, compressors and motors. They also produce laser shaft & pulley alignment instruments.

CEMB SpA—Italy [Balancing Machines]

CEMB’s core business consists of all industrial applications deriving from vibration analysis: CEMB’s industry division designs, manufactures and exports horizontal and vertical balancing machines all over the world, and also manufactures dedicated, high-performance, fully automatic machines for the automotive sector, to be inserted directly into the production lines; the latter sector is constantly growing thanks also to the contribution of the subsidiary company Hofmann based in Germany.

IRD Balancing LLC—USA [Balancing Machines]

Currently, IRD® LLC headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky next door to Krauth Electric, a sister company. By working closely with a motor repair company, IRD® LLC products get tested by the end user before they are available to the customers. This ensures top of the line products.

IRD®, or Industrial Research & Development, LLC specializes in machinery that assists in the repair of industrial equipment. Currently, IRD® LLC builds and sells two separate brands of equipment. IRD® Balancing equipment allows customers to balance rotors of a wide range of sizes via soft-bearing technology which is more versatile and safer than hard-bearing technology. Our knowledge and technology span back to 1952 when IRD Mechanalysis produced the first portable electronic instrument for measuring and analyzing rotating machinery vibration and allowed for dynamic balancing of rotors in-place. Since then, IRD® Balancing technology has advanced with the purpose of providing top-of-the-line balancing machinery across the globe.

IRD Balancing LLC—USA [LEXSECO Motor Core Loss Testers]

The LEXSECO® founding engineers created the first Core Loss Tester which revolutionized the motor repair industry in 1978. From then, the Core Loss Testers have advanced to becoming a fully automated system which can test flux, amperage, and wattage. As with the balancing equipment, the Core Loss Testers have been advanced every step of the way with the end user in mind. This also includes our Meter Calibration Exchange program.

ACCRETECH SBS—USA [Automatic Grinding Wheel Balancing]

Unbalanced rotating equipment causes vibration, loss of accuracy, excessive mechanical wear and increased running costs. To overcome these problems, Accretech SBS provides advanced dynamic balancing solutions – enabling customers to optimize their grinding processes and equipment for maximum precision, productivity. cost-effectiveness and safety.

The SBS systems consist of a computer control unit, a vibration sensor, a spindle-mounting adapter and a balance head (in either internal or external configurations). Sensors attached to the grinding machine measure the unbalance and transmits this signal to the control unit. This controller adjusts the position of counterweights inside the balance head to quickly and dynamically eliminate the vibration of the machine. The SBS system constantly monitors and compensates for changes in the grinding system behavior.

MicroMega Dynamics—Belgium [Structural Vibration]

Micromega has specialised in the development and manufacturing of vibration monitoring systems, vibration reduction and structural control mechatronic devices.

They mostly offer products or full deployable solutions, but also engineering services related to vibration troubleshooting, the customization of their products and developments based on customers’ requirements.

Hilger u Kern—Germany [Belt Tensioning & Leak Detection]

With maintenance equipment from Hilger u. Kern Industrial Technolgogy, faults or damages could be detected at an early stage. So, high repair costs could be avoided and a smooth production is ensured. With their devices, you can quickly and easily determine the condition of industrial plants and act directly. Their leak detectors LEAK-DETECT and LEAKSHOOTER® detect leaks in compressed air networks with an ultrasonic probe. With the in-house developed belt tension measuring device TRUMMETER®, you can measure the tension of drive belts exactly, whether during initial assembly or during maintenance. Hilger u. Kern Industrial Technology also offers belt welding devices and electronic brake units.

Oxyweld snc—Italy [Brazing Gas Generator]

Since 1981 they are fully committed to realising a great advantage, the quality of our item. They have activated rigorous product testing, careful process controls and constant monitoring of every phase of our work. Each phase of the production, from manufacturing to assembly is closely monitored. The entire production is exclusively carried out in their facilities, to enable the internal controls to reliably check on the whole process. OXYWELD offers a complete range of water gas generators, all manufactured in Italy, with highest standards and with a well established reputation for durability and reliability.