Instrument Repair

We offer instrument repair for the suppliers who we represent and we carry a limited supply of replacement parts. Required parts that are not on hand can be obtained from our suppliers. In some instances it may be more cost effective to return the instrument or defective part to the supplier for repair.

Instrument Calibration

We have calibration test instrumentation that has traceability to the Australian measurement authority, National Measurement Institute, (NMI), and to some suppliers calibration standards.

We use procedures adopted by our suppliers to test and adjust the calibration where possible to meet their defined values.

We do offer calibration checks on other supplier instruments using our NMI traceable instruments but in most cases adjustments can only be made with the manufacturers special software which is generally not available.

Certificates are supplied for both calibration and calibration checks.

Dynamic Balancing

We do offer a precision dynamic balancing service for small rotors up to about 4.0Kg capacity to ISO, API or Military Specifications using an IRD Model B2/ 246 Balancing Machine.

System Commissioning

Portable Data Collectors & Software

With the supply of portable data collectors and Software we would under
take to visit your establishment load the software, interface the data
collector, create the data base and test the system on some nominated

Customer training in the full operation and use of the system is usually
conducted at this time.

On-Line Vibration Monitoring Systems

Where we supply On-Line Vibration Monitoring Systems which include fixed
transducers, vibration control cabinets and processing software we would
undertake to instruct others in the installation of the system after which
we would test and configure the software and test the entire system.

Customer Training

To further support our products we offer comprehensive training programs
which are designed to cover the fundamentals and key aspects related to
the practical field applications of the topic.
Courses available are –

  • Vibration and Shock Pulse measurement.
  • Vibration Analysis and Use of Software for trending analysis and report generation.
  • Field Dynamic Balancing
  • Workshop Dynamic Balancing
  • Laser Shaft Alignment
  • Laser Pulley Alignment

Vibration Trouble Shooting

As a supporting service we do offer an on-site vibration measurement and analysis service to identify problems in specific rotating machinery. Upon collection of the required data a written report with condition assessment and suggestions for corrective action would be supplied.

Balancing Machine Commissioning

Upon the supply of workshop balancing machines we undertake to supervise the installation after which we will check the calibration and operation of the machine to the manufacturers specifications. Full operator training on the functions of the machine and the key aspects of dynamic balancing would be supplied.